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Equify is more than an app. Equify's experts and lawyers are at your side to assist you in keeping the data of your shareholders and your legal secretariat.

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A quick and compliant recovery of your corporate history

Do you want to migrate the management of your legal corporate to Equify?

Our teams are responsible for transcribing all of your history on the application!

The collection of your corporate data and your legal documentation,
The audit of your data and the identification of possible inconsistencies or shortcomings in the legal documentation,
The correct transcription of your operations and corporate documents: all your data is grouped and classified in such a way as to allow you to make Equify your sole source of information.

Personalized training for a smooth handling of the interface

Our experts allow you to quickly get to grips with the tool thanks to a personalised training program, specially designed for you according to your needs.
Through practical cases inspired by your equity story, they put you in a position to be able to execute your transactions on Equify simply and smoothly.

Continuous support to calmly manage your shareholders

With Equify, you benefit from support for day-to-day legal secretarial operations, as well as for key operations (fundraising, allocation campaign, etc.):

Educational resources: a detailed help center, interactive guides, articles on legal news ...
Responsive assistance: our support service is at your disposal to provide you with the help you need in just a few clicks.
Legal experts by your side: our teams are divided into two levels of expertise to better handle your requests and quickly provide you with the assistance you need to manage your legal secretariat effortlessly.

A dedicated lawyer for the organisation of complex events

If you wish, you can call on one of our lawyers for the execution of your key operations (upon estimate only):

Preparation of legal documentation for templating,
Sending documents for signature and follow-up of reminders,
Updating your register of securities movements and capitalisation table.

Take back control of your shareholding!

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